DJIA Closing Prices, October 29, 1929
GFD offers customizable licensing options for Hedge Funds of all sizes and will work with your market data services for advantageous pricing for multiple users of your team.

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“Now more than ever, understanding the world in historical context is critical. GFD's unparalleled database of long-term time series is an invaluable research tool.”

—Mike Reynnells, Kingdon Capital
You will build superior models and perform more accurate back testing with the complete data we provide. The power of an additional forty, fifty or even 100 years of data will enable you to build models that will increase your alpha and substantiate your investment strategies more than any other Data tool in the marketplace. Using complete and accurate data series while identifying and analyzing market trends, hedging investments, and supporting a myriad of strategies, will give you an advantage over other analysts who are confined to data back to 1950.

Our data have been chain-linked by appending the current data feed to the historical data which have been verified, cross-referenced and transcribed by GFD. Market coverage crosses all asset classes and extends back to inception, combining Equities, Commodities, Fixed Income and Currency Markets and others ensuring that users have a complete investment solution. Upon request we will provide subscribers original source documentation, methodologies and other interesting facts about the data. GFD has created its own proprietary series as well, and has extended existing series using its own research. We are the original providers of complete and accurate data.

GFD clients report that they experience positive returns despite any market condition and an increase in monies under management. Our customer renewal rate is over 95% and our customer service is friendly and unpretentious. Call today for a Web Ex demo.

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