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Data for Models/Backtesting


Comprehensive Data for Thorough Back Testing
and Building Superior Models

For over 15 years, Global Financial Data has delivered high-quality, long-term data to investment professionals and researchers around the world. GFD provides more history than any other data provider, empowering its customers to build models that have been tested against several decades of market cycle data. GFD brings transparency to global markets with reliable data and deep history. The GFD provides institutional investors with the tools they need to build models that will allow them to trade markets with confidence.


Global Financial Data is used by analysts around the world on a daily basis. In addition to this, GFD:
  • Is used by all the top business schools in the United States
  • Has been cited in over 1000 articles and books, including the research of Nobel Prize Winners, the Financial Analysts’ Journal, Journal of Investing and others
  • Is an essential tool of the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Bank of England and other central banks worldwide
  • Is used for modeling financial markets by hundreds of firms and analysts worldwide


Global Financial Data provides data for complete quantitative analysis of all global markets. Current and historical data from 200 countries is included in the database. Data series for equity markets, fixed income markets, international trade, national accounts, asset allocation, exchange rates, commodities, the government and other financial and economic data go back to the 1800s and before. This enables users to create models that rely upon more history than is available anywhere else to ensure accuracy and flexibility.


Global Financial Data’s unique database allows analysts to model financial and economic markets in a way that cannot be achieved with any other database. Not only do our Databases include over 250,000 data series from 200 countries, but the ability to generate models based upon decades or even centuries of financial and economic data gives users a unique opportunity to anticipate markets with confidence.


Global Financial Data provides more history than any other data company in the world. Equity data goes back to 1694, fixed income data back to 1693, exchange rates back to 1383, commodity data back to 1251, government data to 1168, inflation back to 1209. GFD’s long histories will enable you to test your models against all the changes that have occurred in the markets in the past in order to prepare for changes in the future. GFD’s Research, Verification and Expansion of its Databases Since Global Financial Data was founded, it has continued its mission to provide its customers with the most comprehensive collections of economic and financial data available anywhere. Every year, GFD adds thousands of data series to its Databases and extends the existing data sets when new sources are discovered. GFD responds to the needs of its customers by providing and updating the data topics that currently affects the markets. GFD has recently updated and extended our series on Government Expenditures and Revenues, Government Debt, the Money Supply, Emerging Markets Bonds and Equities and other data that have increased in importance as the global economy emerges from the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009.

Responsive to Client needs

GFD consults with its customers to find out what data they need to improve the models they are developing. Our researchers then go and collect the data needed to provide the long-term historical and current data needed for detailed modeling of financial and economic markets. We extract, cross-check, and compare data sources to reconcile any data discrepancies. Once the data have been through our rigorous process of collection and verification, we add the data to our database. This process insures a high level of accuracy for our customers.

Global Financial Data doesn’t just provide unrelated data series, but provides a unique level of data comparability with which to analyze and compare global markets across all classes of assets. Clients can choose any or all of the ten databases that make up the Global Financial Database to model the sectors and markets they focus on. Combine GFD’s extensive, comprehensive databases with our detailed understanding of our unique database, and GFD’s customers have the winning combination of data, analysis tools and customer support that make the Global Financial Database a necessity for every firm.

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