DJIA Closing Prices, October 29, 1929
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“GFD stands as one of our most popular and powerful subscription data services, offering convenient campus-wide web accessibility, impressive series depth and scope, and easy online navigation, retrieval, and charting.”

—Harold Colson, UC San Diego Libraries

“Our library users love Global Financial Data. It is one of the most heavily used business databases that we offer here. You continue to delight us with the original database product and the add ons. Keep up the great work!”

—Judy Wells, University of Minnesota
Research Quality Data for your Students and Faculty

Global Financial Data is the leading historical data provider for universities, libraries, and other academic bodies with discerning financial and economic data needs. The data we provide have been compiled from original source documents including academic journals, news periodicals and books. GFD has produced continuous chain-linked data sets by appending the current data series with the historical data which have been verified, cross-referenced and transcribed.

GFD has proven to be the gold standard that students and professors have come to rely. Over the years, thousands of students, professors and academic researchers have used Global Financial Data. Librarians prefer us for our friendly service and our easy-to-access databases that provide continuous access. Unlike some services, GFD does not limit the number series in the GFDatabase, an academic subscriber may access during the month. We provide data consultation services, and upon request we supply full source documentation, calculation methodologies and other interesting facts about our data.

Academic Subscription Suites are based on FTE.
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