DJIA Closing Prices, October 29, 1929

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United Kingdom Government Revenues (1168-2010)

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Global Financial Data gives you a multitude of choices for downloading and exporting data. Our export tools allow you to export individual data files, or multiple files into a single worksheet or zip file. Price data, corporate actions, and fundamental data can all be exported into a single workbook. Identifiers can also be downloaded into the workbooks so the scale, units and other variables are available in the worksheet.

Before downloading the data, you can choose the data fields and adjustments that meet your needs. Data can be adjusted for splits or converted into total returns that adjust for dividends and other corporate actions. Either the percentage change or average can be added to the download. Data can be converted into another currency, or adjusted for inflation, or any combination thereof. You can also change the granularity from daily to monthly to annual, choose all dates that are available, or only the common dates between series. The data exporter lines up all the dates to make analysis simple.

You can export data in the format that fits your needs. You can arrange the data in the worksheet so it is pivoted or stacked, or you can export the data into individual files that are zipped up for easy processing in software programs. Data can be exported into Excel 2003 or 2007, CSV or text files.

Despite the complexity of GFD’s data, Global Financial Data makes it easy for you to access and analyze the data you need.

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