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Global Financial Data’s Search Engines help you to find the files you need for your financial analysis. Search tools are provided on every page so you can quickly get to the files you need. GFD provides an Autosearch feature, the ability to perform a hierarchical search of the files you subscribe to, or to browse the entire database.

The Autosearch Tool allows you to quickly find an individual file you using the name of an individual security or indicator. If you already know what you are looking for, this is the quickest way to access data or generate a graph.

If you want to discover what is in the database or search for a group of files, the Search Engine provides a versatile tool that can quickly search through the database. You can search by typing in words, choosing a country, choosing a year or set of years, choosing a series type (Government Bonds, Monetary Aggregates), or by combining these choices, you can quickly find the data you need.

Finding individual securities can be easily done using the choices that are provided in the search engine. You can search by the name of the company, CUSIP, SIC or NAICS code, country of incorporation, security type (Preferred Stock, Government Bond), Stock Exchange, Sector, Industry, Year or Index Membership, or any combination of these variables to find the securities you want.

The search engine is integrated with our graphs and download tools to make accessing data simple and easy.

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