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Two Centuries of American Leadership

Two Centuries of American Leadership

The article Four Centuries of Global Leadership tracked the largest company in the world from 1602 to 2018. This article focuses on the United States, detailing how leadership, in terms of the company with the largest market cap, has changed over the past two centuries.

The table which accompanies this article provides a unique history of the United States stock market. We have calculated the number companies in the market at fi ...

Four Centuries of Global Leadership

Global Financial Data has collected data on the London Stock Exchange and the United States stock exchanges as well as data on individual companies over the past 400 years. This data covers all the major companies that have listed in London, New York, Paris and Amsterdam during the past four centuries. This data provides us with a fascinating glimpse into how global leadership has changed over the past 400 years. GFD has put together a table that provides information on what was the larges ...

GFD Expands OTC and NASDAQ Daily Data Back to 1968

Global Financial Data has extended its daily data for the NASDAQ and over-the-counter markets back to 1968, providing daily coverage of thousands of companies during one of the most volatile eras in US stock market history.

The 1960s were the period when hundreds of computer companies went public hoping to transform the world. Many of them, such as Intel, became household names or eventually moved to the American or New York Stock Exchange. Moreover, in 1968, most banks were listed over-the-counter, but since many have moved to the New York Stock Exchange.

In 1968, stoc ...

Global Financial Data Presents a New Web-Based REST API

Global Financial Data has always worked hard to provide as many different access options for our data as possible. Over time, a variety of different methods have been developed to meet the needs of all our customers: the Finaeon web interface on the GFD website, the Aeon Excel plugin, and the desktop-based API client.

In response to the demands of our customers, GFD now provides subscribers with a new analyst- and developer-friendly query option: a web-based REST API.

Data scientists and developers will be able to use a variety of different languages and tools to writ ...

When the United States Overtook the United Kingdom

Several researchers have attempted to measure the size of global stock markets at the turn of the twentieth century. Dimson, Marsh and Staunton put the UK stock market at 25% of the world in 1900 and the United States at 15%, implying that the UK was two-thirds larger than the United States. Leslie Hannah also estimated the size of global markets in 1900 and put the UK at $4,300 million and the United States at $2,860 million, implying that the UK market was 50% larger than the US in 1900.

Global Financial Data has put together market cap data based upon the underlying companies in b ...

The Russian Stock Market Before the Revolution

Global Financial Data has put together indices of the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange before World War I and the collapse of Russia into Communism. The data was made available to us from Yale’s International Center for Finance.

The files were marked in transliterated Cyrillic, so we converted the names back into Cyrillic and then translated the names of the companies into English. We then classified the stocks according to their sector so we could see how one sector did relative to the others.

Although the data from Yale was rich in price data, it was lacking in shares ou ...

Edison and the Talking Doll

Toys ‘R’ Us has announced that it is closing all of its stores in the United States as parents and kids have found alternatives to the toy retailer. Their closure reminded me what a tough business it is producing and selling toys and of the time that Thomas Alva Edison ventured into the toy business and failed miserably.

Although Edison is recognized for creating or contributing to the creation of the phonograph, electric lights, motion pictures and other essentials of the twentieth century, few realize that he also created the talking doll.

Edison created his phonograph in ...