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Global Financial Data Adds 20 GDP-Weighted Global Bond Indices

Global Financial data has added 20 new indices aggregating the data from its proprietary bond indices to create global fixed income series using data from over 50 countries. A price index and return index is provided for each aggregate. These additions provide a significant increase in the historical coverage of GFD’s bond indices. The starting date for the previous World Government Bond Index was 1923, but the updated World Bond Index begins in 1700.

The new bond indices include

  • World Government Bond Index (begins in 1700)
  • World x/USA Government Bond Index (begins ...

Donald Trump on Wall Street

Global Financial Data includes information on thousands of businesses that entrepreneurs have created during the past two centuries, and two of these were run by Donald Trump. There are so many different aspects of Donald Trump’s life that we could talk about, but the focus here is on Trump’s two publicly traded companies, Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts Inc. and Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc.

Making Atlantic City Great Again

After Atlantic City made gambling legal, Donald Trump got his casino license from the New Jersey Casino Control commission on March 15, 1982 and purchased hotel ...

GFD Adds over 50 years of Equity Data from Imperial Russia

GFD has added data on over 220 companies and over 600 securities listed on the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange between 1865 and 1917 when the Russian Revolution forced the stock exchange to close until the fall of the Soviet Union.

Contrary to popular belief, both Imperial Russia and the St. Petersburg stock exchange were booming before the Russian Revolution occurred. The St. Petersburg Stock Exchange Index outperformed shares on the New York Stock Exchange between the end of the American Civil War in 1865 and the onset of World War I in 1914. Although Russia had one o ...

GFD Adds Stocks and Proprietary Indices for the Copenhagen Stock Exchange

Global Financial Data has added monthly data on 88 companies listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange between 1893 and 1937. Using the data for these companies, GFD has also calculated 50 proprietary indices for Danish stocks during this period of time.

The data on the individual companies includes both monthly price data and dividends on the top 50 companies listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange between 1893 and 1937. Users can download price data for each company as well as a total returns showing the effect of reinvesting dividends. Shares have been classified by sector and indus ...

Global Financial Data Launches its Own Proprietary GFD Indices

Global Financial Data is launching its own proprietary indices to help its customers analyze the trends in global stock markets that have occurred over the past 300 years.

Global Financial Data has the most extensive historical database of data on individual securities available anywhere. Data on individual securities from the United States begins in 1786 and includes information on over 75,000 securities. Data from the United Kingdom begins in 1690 and includes information on over 19,000 securities.Before World War I, the London Stock Exchange was at the center of the global economy ...

Global Financial Data Adds New Proprietary Bond Indices to the GFDatabase

Global Financial Data is excited to announce the addition of new Bond Price Indices to complement its existing yield data and Total Return indices on 10-year government bonds from 50 countries. Global Financial Data’s Bond data extends back to 1700s for the United States and a number of European countries and back to the 1800s for others.

The metadata for these files has been updated so the individual securities used in the 10-year Government Bond series along with their tickers is provided in the metadata for the 10-year government bond. GFD has also extended the data ...

Are You Ready for the Bubble of the 2020s?

Long-term data allows you to make long-term predictions. Given the performance of the stock market over the past 300 years, there appears to be a high probability that the next roaring Bull market for equities will occur in the 2020s. If you look back at the stock market over the past 350 years, you’ll find that in each Century, the Twenties have always enjoyed bull markets in equities; this rings true for the 1720s, the 1820s and the 1920s.

Unfortunately, as we’ve seen with bull markets across many asset classes, these dramatic bubbles came crashing down by the end of the decade.


World GDP and Purchasing Managers Indices Added

Global Financial Data has added new data for GDP, including measures for Global GDP, regional GDP and data on several countries not previously covered. GFD has also added data on the Purchasing Managers’ Index for 50 countries.

GFD users now have access to a global measure of GDP, both in real and nominal terms, which they can use as a benchmark against the GDP other countries and regions. The nominal World GDP file (GDPWLD) goes back to 1960 and the Real World GDP file (GDPCWLD) goes back to 1950. Both files have 20 years of quarterly data.In addition to this, GDP files based upon ...

GFD Adds 100 years of Data on over 9000 Industrial OTC Companies to the U.S. Stocks Database

After five years of painstaking research, Global Financial Data is proud to announce that its database of thousands of over-the-counter (OTC) stocks has been completed and is now available to subscribers to the United States Stocks Database.

The US Stocks Database already provides data from all the nation’s stock exchanges, including the New York Stock Exchange from its inception in 1792, the AMEX/Curb since 1918, as well as Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and other regional exchanges. The addition of the OTC data has completed Global Financial Data’s efforts to provide a complete view ...

The Death of Equities

Equity markets across the world continue to struggle. The indices of most developed countries remain below the level they were at in 2000 when the 20th century ended. Many investors are worried that stocks will continue to provide inferior returns for years to come. Unfortunately, they may be right.

Historical Returns to Stocks and Bonds

Equities reflect the present value of future earnings and free cash flow to a corporation. If investors anticipate that future earnings will rise, stock prices rise, but if investors anticipate a decline in future profits, share prices wil ...