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Exchange Rate Database

British Pound Exchange Rate (1792-2010)
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Global Financial Data provides the most extensive histories of exchange rate data available anywhere. Over 200 currencies are included in the database with cross exchange rate data going back to 1590. Included in the database are market exchange rates, official exchange rates, black market exchange rates and forward rates.

Monthly exchange rate data goes back to 1590 and daily exchange rates are provided for most currencies back to the 1920s. Daily data for the British Pound goes back to 1861. Exchanges rates for the US Dollar is provided against all currencies, and hundreds of non-Dollar cross exchange rates are included as well.

One unique feature of the Exchange Rate database is that all exchange rates are kept at their original market rates. Exchange rate conversion between old and new currencies are provided so historical exchange rates can be “split adjusted” so historical rates can be given in today’s currency as well as the historical currency.

It was only in the 1980s that many currencies began to freely float. Until then, the black market rate often differed significantly from the official market exchange rate. GFD provides black market exchange rates against the US Dollar for almost 100 currencies between 1945 and 1990. GFD also maintains exchange rates for the Eurolegacy currencies even after the Euro was introduced in 1999.

It is because of Global Financial Data’s unparalleled collection of exchange rates that this data can be used to convert historical economic and financial data into the currency of another country with daily accuracy. Any global investor who wants to understand the past will find GFD’s Exchange Rate Database the most important tool they have in their analysis portfolio.

Summary of Contents of the Exchange Rate Database

  • Exchange Rates for all World Currencies
  • Forward Exchange Rates
  • Cross-exchange rates
  • Historical Black Market exchange rates
  • Daily Exchange Rates Back to the 1920s
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