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Government and Debt

United Kingdom Government Revenues (1168-2010)
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Since the Great Recession began in 2008, the role of the government has grown in the economy. This has led to many debates about the impact of government on financial and economic markets and how the government’s role has changed over time.

The Government and Debt Database includes some of the most extensive histories that GFD provides. Data on UK Revenues go back to 1168 and data on UK Government Debt goes back to 1691. Government Budget and Debt data for the US go back to 1792, including data on the 1830s when the United States actually paid off its debt! With extensive histories such as these, subscribers can analyze the relationship between the government, debt, GDP, financial markets and other economic variables.

One of the primary causes of the current economic problems is the large level of debt that has built up over time. Moreover, there is great concern about the rapid growth of government debt that has occurred recently and may continue for years to come.

The Government and Debt Database provides extensive history on debt at the macro level, with this information broken down into domestic and external debt, government debt and the debt of the economy as a whole. What happens when government debt exceeds GDP? What happens when external debt gets to large? How much deleveraging must occur? Study past cases where this occurred by combining this information with the other databases to carry out detailed analysis of the past and present.

Summary of contents of Government and Debt Database

  • Government Budget
  • Debt - Domestic
  • Debt - External
  • Debt – Government
  • Debt – Total
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