DJIA Closing Prices, October 29, 1929

Historical Stock Data

American Telephone & Telegraph (1900-1983)
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Global Financial Data provides daily stock prices further back than any other company. For example, GFD has collected data for the stocks on the NYSE back to 1815. If you want to see the data for the Computing Tabulating Recording Co. before it changed its name to IBM in 1924, Adams Express when it was a telegraph company back in 1866, or Wal-Mart when it first listed over the counter, GFD has compiled the historical data for these companies and thousands of others.

GFD provides daily close data on stocks back to the 1970s and monthly data back to 1815. Data for the NYSE goes back to 1815 on a monthly basis, while data for the AMEX, NASDAQ and OTC stock extends daily back to 1972. Delisted stocks are licensed differently, and thusly are subject to other terms and conditions.

Three options are offered when analyzing GFD’s historical stock market data. For each stock we provide historical data at market prices. The GFD Downloader allows you to adjust the prices for stock splits, stock dividends and stock distributions to obtain split-adjusted data. You can also obtain total return information on stocks by adjusting for both splits and dividends.

For each stock the following information is provided: data on sector and industry, splits and dividends paid by the company, a brief description of the corporation’s business, a history of name changes for the company and fundamental data. The charts produced by the GFD analysis tools will allow you to identify and study the current and historical behavior of the company.

GFD also provides information on historical components for the major stock indices so you can focus your analysis on the primary companies that existed in the past. How did the individual Dow Jones Industrial stocks perform during the 1987 crash? Who were the constituent members of the Dow on October 19, 1985, the first day of the crash? These are the types of answers that a subscription to GFD services will help you answer.

Summary of contents of the Historical Stock Data

  • Daily data on over 10,000 current NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ and OTC common stocks back to 1970 or before
  • Daily data on over 2500 current preferred stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and warrants
  • Search by Exchange, Equity Classification, Sector, Industry and Index Membership to find specific stocks
  • Complete monthly stock histories back to the 1800s for NYSE stocks
  • Categorization of stocks by Ticker, CIK, CUSIP, SIC and NAICS
  • Current index component information to help you research stock and sector behavior
  • Stock data at original market prices, split-adjusted or total returns adjusted for dividends
  • Interactive charting tools to analyze current stocks

Because GFD includes historical data on over 20,000 companies, the GFD Search Tool is an essential feature that will enable you to locate the companies that you want to analyze. This File Search allows you to search by stock tickers, Standard Industrial Classification (SIC), North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), Central Index Key (CIK) number and Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures (CUSIP). The GFD Search Engine allows you to use key words to search either the names of the stocks or the additional information only GFD provides about the stocks. As an example, typing “General Electric” into the Keyword search enables you to find companies that have been acquired by General Electric. With the Filter Search, you can use categories such as Sector, Industry, Stock Market Index Membership, Equity Classification and others to find specific stocks.

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