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National Accounts Database

USA Real Per Capita GDP (1800-2010)
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National Accounts provide the best measure of the macroeconomy. GDP is the most important benchmark of the economy and its performance over time. The National Accounts Database provides extensive data, some going back to the 1800s on GDP and its components. Data on income distribution, such as GINI coefficients is included in this database as well.

Not only are data provided on nominal GDP, but data for real GDP, per capita GDP, changes in GDP and other measures are provided in order that a thorough analysis can be done. Data are provided not only at the aggregate level, but also for many of the sub-categories and sectors of GDP. The expenditure approach to GDP receives particular attention and data on the Value Added provided by different sectors of the economy is provided in detail. National Accounts data on exports and imports are in the International Trade Database.

Not only is GDP an important topic in itself, but it provides context to other measurements of the economy. By combining data on government revenues, expenditures and debt, you can analyze the impact of the government in the economy. By looking at international trade relative to GDP, you can analyze the relationship between the domestic and international economy. Health costs, technology, energy and topics in the Development database can be used to see how each is changing relative to the economy as a whole.

The combination of long National Accounts histories and detailed current data on GDP provides subscribers with the tools they need to understand the overall performance of the economy and how it impacts markets over time.

Summary of contents of National Accounts Database

  • National Account Aggregates
  • National Accounts - Expenditures
  • National Accounts – Value Added
  • Income Distribution
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