DJIA Closing Prices, October 29, 1929

Data Licensing

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Our historical financial data is ideal for all software applications and for the generation of charts and graphs. Whether you are using a third party software platform, a custom software program, or any building an in-house database, GFD has the data series you may be missing. We offer historical data series not available from any other data service or you can extend the data series you use in your daily anaylsis using our historical GFD extensions.

Licensing for In-House
Software Applications

The GFDatabase, The US Stocks Database and the Real Estate Database are perfect for any type of software applications you or your colleagues use daily. Many data providers restrict the use of the data they provide for use within their own software or hardware. At GFD we tailor delivery and analysis of any of our data sets to your specific needs. You may place our data series in pre-packaged software or your custom-designed software for your own analysis. By using the GFD AutoTRAC worksheet you can upload a large number of files to any type of software interface. For details contact the licensing department at

Licensing for Third-Party Software

Create premium software applications for redistribution to you clients using historical data only GFD can supply. We provide long-term composite indices from every major market for use in all forms of proprietary software programs. When you are building custom software programs, whether they are interactive or static for re-distribution to your clients, only GFD can offer you the historical data that will produce the results necessary for today’s discerning clients. Contact us for more details and restrictions.

Charts and Graphs

Given the recent market retracement, historical data is more necessary than ever before for graphical displays of global markets across the asset classes. Only GFD can provide the long-term composite indices from every major market for use in all forms of charts, graphs and client presentations which. By using accurate, verifiable data series derived from original sources you will produce unparalleled visual displays using decades and even centuries of statistics rather than just twenty or thirty years from traditional vendors. GFD has done the historical research necessary for you to generate the long-term charts and graphs your private and commercial clients demand in today’s competitive investment environment.
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