DJIA Closing Prices, October 29, 1929
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Shaking Hands Partnerships
Global Financial Data allows for the licensing of our data for use in your analysis software which you distribute to your third party clients. We also license data for re-distribution to your clients through your customized platform.

Licensing for Analysis Software

The unique long-term data series GFD provides are ideal for many types of software applications you may generate for your clients’ use. You may license particular data series for your analysis software products you offer to your private and commercial clients.

Re-Distribution of GFD Data

There are many data series, proprietary to GFD, which are available to package into custom databases you can distribute and license to your clients for their analysis. GFD can offer you a customized package of data that you may combine with other data sources to complete a custom data collection for your particular target market. Your clients can create superlative software models and forecasts using GFD historical data series through your distribution channel.
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