Global Warming Data Added

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Global Financial Data has added four indicators of Global Warming. These four data sets use the Met Office Hadley Centre observations datasets for the World (HADCRUTGM), Northern Hemisphere (HADCRUTNM), Southern Hemisphere (HADCRUTSM) and Tropics (HADCRUTTM).  Data are monthly and go back to 1850.

The HadCRUT4 near surface temperature data set is produced by blending data from the CRUTEM4 surface air temperature dataset and the HadSST3 sea-surface temperature dataset. These ‘best estimate’ series are computed as the medians of regional time series computed for each of the 100 ensemble member realisations. Time series are presented as temperature anomalies (deg C) relative to 1961-1990.

Rather than having someone tell you about Global Warming, check out the data for yourself.

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