DJIA Closing Prices, October 29, 1929
Thousands of people have relied upon GFD for their research. In “Who Uses GFD” you can review the many ways in which the GFDatabase can assist in business and academic projects to thoroughly allow you to complete your research.

About Us

About Us
“I found myself so frustrated at the industry-standard of incomplete Data, that in 1992 I quit my broker position to begin research for the GFDatabase. Every day I get to assist a user in locating difficult data sets or to complete a project that they did not think possible using other providers.”

—Bryan W. Taylor, President and Chief Economist at GFD
GFD specializes in providing Financial and Economical Data that extends from the 1200s to present—beyond what traditional data vendors provide. For nearly twenty years Global Financial Data has been accumulating and transcribing rare data sources into research-quality databases. While we distribute the current market data from traditional data feeds we also offer the historical data that are not available from these common electronic sources. The data we provide have been compiled from original source documents including academic journals, news periodicals, books and numerous other archival sources. GFD has produced continuous chain-linked data sets by appending the current data series with the historical data which have been verified, cross-referenced and transcribed prior to their inclusion in any GFDatabase.

We have built our reputation on building complete, clean, accurate Databases that are used to support all types of internal, commercial and academic analysis. Over the years, thousands of analysts from around the world have used our data for building superior models, making attractive investment presentations and displays, formulating superior investment strategies and making stronger investment decisions, creating stunning charts and graphs, as well as, the authoring of reports, newsletters, books and white papers.

Our comprehensive financial databases span global markets offering data never before compiled into an electronic format. We create and generate our own proprietary data series while we continue to investigate new sources and extend existing series whenever possible. GFD supports full data transparency to enable our users to verify financial data points, tracing them back to the original source documents. GFD is the original supplier of complete historical data.

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