DJIA Closing Prices, October 29, 1929

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“The breath, depth, and reliability of the data are unsurpassed. The Database made my job a lot easier in efficiently retrieving, analyzing, and displaying the critical data that I needed for my research.”

—Maureen Burton, Ph.D. Chair, Faculty Rights Committee for CFA Professor,
Dept. of Economics
Global Financial Data is the historical data specialist for government agencies, central banks and international organizations who require accurate and complete data for analysis, reporting, and research presentations.

Many other data vendors supply data back thirty years or what is provided from the standard electronic feeds. Only GFD has researched and collected the historical data from the original source documents including books, periodicals, and newspapers located in archives and libraries from around the world. GFD supports full data transparency to enable our users to verify financial data points, tracing them back to the original source documents. Upon request, we will provide detailed source materials, calculation methodologies and other interesting facts not commonly known about the data.

Our data have been verified, cross-referenced and transcribed, then chain-linked to produce a continuous data series. The result is a deep, broad-based collection of historical data that crosses all asset classes, combining Equities, Commodities, Fixed Income and Currency Markets and others ensuring that users have a complete investment solution.

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