DJIA Closing Prices, October 29, 1929
“Over the past three years, despite the market conditions, GFD clients have reported an increase in monies under management and have out-performed in all the major markets.”

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Portfolio Managers

“Global Financial Data provides the longest history of time series data which are hard to find elsewhere.”

—Feifei Li, Ph.D., FRM, Director of Research, Research Affiliates, LLC

“As an award-winning financial author, finding a reliable source of financial data for historical studies was difficult until I started using Global Financial Data. My latest book, Investment Atlas, (which covers 200-years of prices on stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate) would have been much harder to write without GFD's assistance.”

—Kenneth G. Winans, CMT, MBA, President, Winans International
Use your time making investment decisions, not gathering or
verifying data.

Discriminating clients and investors demand well-documented recommendations made by you and your research team. Portfolio managers and pension fund analysts rely on the accurate, long term data GFD provides. By choosing GFD, you will be able to create superlative forecasting models, back test your portfolios and generate stunning visual displays more than you ever have before. You’ll be able to build and benchmark your portfolio, test a wider range of financial concepts and develop more advanced trading strategies.

The market buzz is all about Alpha. GFD provides the complete data to test your models and theories. Use decades and even centuries of market information which will substantiate your investment strategies beyond what any other data vendor supplies. Our Asset Class Data and Total Return Data on Stocks, Bonds and Bills have been very popular during the recent market’s activity. By using it, your investments will most certainly improve. GFD clients have consistently out- performed the markets using historical data, which previously was overlooked and discounted.

  • Asset Classes across 50 Countries
  • 200 countries – Global Indices
  • Individual Securities/Fundamentals – U.S

Whether you are distributing your conclusions for internal use or for consumer education, all of your analysts and researchers, as well as your client to client advisors and salespersons will benefit from the results produced from long term data. We offer data solutions which can be tailored to the needs of domestic or international portfolio management firms. Ask to see a demonstration today of the Databases that will improve your performance.

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