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Asset Allocation Database

GFD World Return Index (1925-2010)
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The Asset Allocation Database enables you to analyze returns to different asset classes. The analysis of total returns is essential to any investor or analyst. Because your performance will be measured against the benchmarks for each type of asset class, understanding how returns have changed over time is essential.

Global Financial Data offers the most comprehensive historical database for total returns to stocks, bonds and bills available anywhere. Other data vendors may provide long-term data for one country, or recent data for many countries, only Global Financial Data provides decades and even centuries of total return data to analyze asset allocations for every major world market. GFD has generated these proprietary indices using data that can only be derived from the GFDatabase. Specifically, total return indices for stocks, bonds and bills have been developed for fifty countries.

Total Return indices for stocks have comparable price indices and dividend yield data so the sources of the returns over time can be compared directly and the contribution of capital gains and dividends can be analyzed separately. Total return data on bonds can be combined with yield data to analyze the impact of interest income and capital gains. Bond indices use 10-year bonds as their benchmark and Bill indices use 3-month Treasury Bills as their benchmark so returns can be compared between countries. GFD's analytical tools make it easy to convert these returns into different currencies so data can be compared across countries.

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