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Oil Price Inflation Adjusted (1860-2010)
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Global Financial Data provides the most extensive data series on commodities available anywhere. The database includes historical data on 100 different commodities. This includes foods, metals, industrial agricultural commodities, oil and other groups.

The current decade has seen the greatest increases in commodity prices since the 1970s. Long-term histories of commodity prices that include similar dramatic jumps in the 1860s, 1910s, 1940s and 1970s are essential to understanding the long-term trends in oil, gold and other commodities. Major commodity series include over 200 years of data going back to the 1700s. Trends and cycles in the oil and gold markets cannot be thoroughly examined without using historical data. Commodity indices are provided so each commodity’s price changes can be compared with other types of metals, foods and energy.

What makes GFD’s data unique is the historical depth of our data. The series for gold and silver both go back to the 1200s. Many other series go back to the 1800s, including daily data on wheat and corn back to the Civil War. Data from the United Kingdom on wheat and other agricultural goes back to the 1200s.

Another source of data on commodities is futures prices. For some of the primary contracts, we provide rolling futures contracts with daily data back to the 1950s. The performance of individual commodities can be compared to dozens of commodity indices to chart their relative performance. The commodity indices go back to the 1800s and are broken down into a number of commodity groups. So whether you need individual commodity prices, futures prices or commodity indices, Global Financial Data provides more historical data than any other source.

Summary of Contents

  • Futures Contracts
  • Commodity Prices back to 1914
  • Spot Commodities Back to the 1800s for:
    • Metals
    • Agricultural Goods
    • Energy
    • Industrial Goods

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