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“For anyone who wants a good long-term perspective on markets or economies, Global Financial Data is a must. No one I know comes close to GFD on the breadth, depth, accuracy or length of history of data around the world! Thank you GFD!”

—Gail M. Dudack, Chief Investment Strategist, Dudack Reasearch Institute

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The GFDatabase provides data never before compiled into a single electronic format -- spanning more than 200 global markets and extending coverage back to 1265. Research began in 1992 and to this day continues. We create and generate our own proprietary data series while we continue to investigate new sources and extend existing series whenever possible. GFD supports full data transparency to enable our users to verify financial data points, tracing them back to the original source documents.

GFD continues to expand its Databases by adding new series and extending existing series as sources are discovered or made available to the public. While it contains all of the electronically available current data readily available in the market, it also contains historical data not commonly available. It is the unique, historical data that our clients most commonly seek for their portfolio balancing, modeling and the production of superior investment results.

GFDatabase 1.0 includes the Six Original Topics below:

The Original Components of the GFDatabase consist of the Six Topics listed here. GFDatabase 2.0 also includes Four additional Components listed below.

GFDatabase 2.0 includes the Six Original Topics as well as the four New Topics below:

A Century of Inflation - The Twentieth Century produced more inflation than any other in history. The causes of this inflation and how it came about are discussed. Recommendations for how to avoid this inflation in the Twenty-First Century are provided.

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