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Real Estate Database

Winans Real Estate Index (1830-2010)
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“The reason I constructed a real estate index, was because there was no "DJIA of housing" to allow for long term analysis of residential real estate. While there are other real estate indicators (such as The Case Shiller Index), they are of limited use for cyclical analysis, because their data covers a relatively short period of time. The Winans International Real Estate Index (i.e., WIREI), with data going back to the early 1800's, allows for reliable comparisons of today's volatile housing market to the severe housing bear markets of the 1960's, 1940's and the Great Depression.”

—Kenneth G. Winans, CMT, MBA,
President, Winans International
The United States real estate market is one of the hottest economic topics today. Although it is a popular investment, it is one of the hardest investments to analyze since there has been no centralized real estate exchange from which you can obtain long-term data. Additionally, the popular sources for data such as The Association of Realtors or The Association of Home Builders have only limited data to offer back to the 1980s.

Until now, there have been no long-term indices, such as the S&P 500 Index, for real estate investments back into the early 1800s.

GFD has partnered with Winans International to offer the most accurate and comprehensive collection of historical real estate data available in the world. Winans International, a well respected name in financial research, has developed the Winans International U.S. Real Estate Index™, which tracks the price of new homes back to 1830. In addition to the WIREI, Winans International has developed numerous other real estate statistics going back to the 1960s.

Summary of contents of the Real Estate Database

  • Winan's Real Estate Index of housing prices back to 1830
  • Regional Real Estate Price Indices
  • National and Regional Average Home Prices
  • National and Regional Median Home Prices
  • National and Regional New Home Sales
  • National and Regional New Home Listings
  • National Home Average Square Foot Data

Further information may be obtained using the GFD Search Engine. Simply choose “Real Estate Market Data” under Data Series Type in the Filter Search to examine the components, calculation methodologies, data frequency, and other interesting facts about the real estate series that are only offered by GFD and Winans.

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