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The US Stocks Database is the newest addition to suite of GFD products. The USDatabase complements the GFDatabase by enabling you to combine the financial indicators from the United States and 200 other countries with the historical price data on over 40,000 individual current and delisted stocks from every US exchange. The USDatabase is the most extensive collection of individual securities ever compiled including delisted stocks from National and Regional Stock exchanges such as NASDAQ, the New York, Chicago, Philadelphia or Boston Stock Market Exchange.

The USDatabase includes:

The US Stock Database provides the most extensive historical coverage and an impressive set of current market coverage, including fundamentals. Our daily stock market histories begin as early as 1962 for major US securities. We offer the original trading values for each day, and enable you to adjust for splits and distributions. In addition to the stock market price and volume for each day, we also provide information on the date and amount of dividend payments, splits and distributions made by each company.

GFD combines historical information not only on the components of major indices such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500, but also historical information on sector indices. This information links directly to the data on individual stocks. For example, you can analyze how Oil stocks performed in the 1970s or study the behavior of the Software stocks during the 1990s. No other data vendor allows for this cross section of analysis in one source.

Original Industry Leader Providing Complete Data

Global Financial Data is the original industry leader in financial data research, extending existing market data index series already used in general practice in market activities, and the creator of the widely used, proprietary Index such as the World Ex US Stock Index™. GFD has recently released itsUS Stocks Database and its UK Stocks Database containing content once used only internally to maintain GFD’s product line and to cross reference GFD’s World Core Data™ and the GFDatabase. Today this content is accessible to the financial community through various customizable products and services. In addition to our corporate action services EVENTSintimeDATA ™provides the financial community with complete coverage of the stock markets that have dominated world finance since 1691. Our coverage surrounds open and closed-end funds Mutual funds, equities, American Depositary Receipts, Unit Investment Trust and much more.

Our corporate action and dividend data is collected internally on a daily basis by an experienced research team with a meticulous management team. During the collection of the historical content, GFD utilized its process to verify and cross-reference the information prior to its inclusion in our database products. It is then analyzed and edited for accuracy. Our EVENTSintimeDATA™ is collected, directly from stock exchanges, company filings, press releases, depositories, transfer agents, periodicals, and from the company. We provide the latest information available on the United States Stock Market and the London Stock Market companies including: Name Changes, Mergers, Acquisitions, Redemptions, Stock Splits, Maturities, Tender Offers, Reorganizations, Stock Splits, Spin-Offs & Shares Outstanding information. GFD also discloses other interesting information not commonly known about the data series. Our direct client response to information requests is second to none, as is our response to addressing concerns about data accuracy or calculation methods.

About our Market Data Pricing

Acknowledged as the industry standard of excellence in research-quality technical securities data, The GFDATABASES provides professionals with data needed to make informed investment and trading decisions. We actively manage a proprietary securities database to provide reliable, dependable, usable market data. Our careful and detailed process of collecting, cleansing and verifying data is comprehensive at every level. We do all of this at very competitive prices. We offer various levels of Database packages for individual advisors to large commercial firms or academic researchers, professors, and students.

Every market day our data research teams scrutinize the data from multiple suppliers using specialized computer programs and use the old fashion way of viewing the data directly in the system. GFD is thorough, anomalies are flagged, manually researched and the latest market events are incorporated to ensure accurate information is delivered. We deliver accuracy and respond immediately to data challenges.

Our historical securities database covers all listed North American equities, London Stock Market equities. We deliver both historical and daily update data in fully documented, ASCII file formats delivered via secure FTP. We offer this data to clients in one of two available feeds. Our Fully Adjusted/Fully Connected data feed provides a turnkey solution for charts and graphs to your local database. Alternatively, our Unadjusted/Unconnected data feed is geared towards all institutions requiring a historical perspective with no survivorship bias. This feed delivers market data the way it was originally reported by the exchanges. Quality, accuracy and responsive customer service are why many prominent securities firms, financial publishers and investment institutions choose HSD as their data source.

GFD-Finaeon also offers the exclusive AeonXL™ addin which will download data into Excel formats quickly and easily. This method is ideal for firms who have a desire to pull various types of data from month to month. We continually strive to enhance our products and services in order to provide the best access to the latest financial changes possible through our user friendly systems.

Call now to see how our the integration of the EVENTSintimeDATA™, The World Core Data ™, The US Stocks and the UK Stocks Databases can perfect your investment practices and trading decisions.

GFDs comprehensive research has allowed it to provide superior coverage of current and historical US Stock Markets. By combining the Cowles Indices and S&P GICS data, GFD has created continuous, chain-linked data series extending back to 1871. Similar research methodologies have unveiled an intraday data index for the Dow Jones Industrial Average going back to 1933. These unrelenting research methods are what GFD has built its reputation on and what our Client’s have come to expect.


Global Financial Data provides end-of-day closing prices for individual United States Equities as well as historical data on over 11,000 US stocks and covers 30,000 discontinued stocks


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Could This Decade Be the Next 1930s? - A Review of World Stock Markets in the 1920s looks at whether the current bear market could lead to a global stock market collapse similar to the 1930s.

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