DJIA Closing Prices, October 29, 1929


GFD generates Global Financial Data® Solutions.™ GFD is the original provider of long-term historical data and new platforms for analysis software.

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We will work with your market data services to bring all of your teams the most economical package for your firm. Whether your users are from Fixed Income, Equity, Asset Allocation, Pension, or Hedge we will customize a quote that will work for you.
Global Financial Data is unique in that it complies and transcribes original data sources from print materials into electronic, chain-linked, research-quality data sets. GFD appends current data to the historical data we transcribe to deliver continuous data series to our customers. These series are not available from the traditional vendors as so supplied from the standard electronic feeds. This provides you with truly unique Databases. Once you begin using complete data, resorting back to twenty or thirty years of data will appear substandard in comparison.

Each Database is topic related for easy reference and navigation. By using our Databases together you will have a superior advantage over other analysts regarding depth and breadth of market coverage on all financial and economic topics, including individual securities and fundamentals.

Perform complete analysis on 200 countries and create superior forecasting models for developed and emerging market using our multi-asset class financial content across the global landscape.

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