Aeon XL is an Excel Add-in used to search for, analyze, and retrieve data from Global Financial Data. Aeon XL is designed to meet the needs of users who want to analyze large amounts of data or users who are most comfortable conducting their analysis in Excel. The Add-in allows you to search GFD's extensive database and immediately plug in the files you need into an Excel workbook.

The main functionality of AeonXL is to retrieve data. It is custom built to support the exporting of GFDFinaeon's historical, detailed data. To accomplish this, data requests are created that allow the Authorized User to specify data series and stocks, adjustments, financial data, and a set of options used to present the data in various ways. The language of the data request can be simple or complex. To aid in the creation of the request, an Expression Builder Dialog can be used to help define the language of the function.

Additional tools are provided that allow you to customize your data request to meet your special needs. You can specify start dates, end dates, whether files should be split or inflation adjusted, what currency the data should be in, and so forth.

Once your data request has been organized, you can update the data whenever you wish, whether daily, monthly, quarterly, or annually.