Charts & Graphs

GFD's graphs give you a multitude of choices. Time settings allow you to view the entire history of a file or specific periods of time, using different granularities as the time period changes. You can generate a line chart, a mountain chart, candlesticks, or a bar chart. The scale of the graph can be based on the actual numbers or on percentage changes. Because of the long histories that are involved, log graphs can be used to analyze the subtle changes that occurred in the distant past.

Graphs can be adjusted for a number of different factors that influence a stock or index. Not only can individual stocks be adjusted for stock splits, dividends, and other factors, but economic and financial series can be adjusted for inflation and other variables that affect the data. GFD keeps all data for stocks, economic and financial data in their original values. Our graphs allow you to convert the data into another currency, adjust for inflation or calculate as a share of GDP. Series can be compared to one another to analyze the relative changes between them. Our graphs are designed to fit your needs.