Delisted and Historical Stock Data

Every day, stocks delist because corporations are acquired, merge with another firm, reorganize or go bankrupt. Many services discontinue the data for these companies when they delist creating a survivorship bias for stock market analysis.

Global Financial Data provides stock prices further back than any other company. GFD has collected data on on over 45,000 delisted common stocks from the past 225 years.

If you want to see the data for the Computing Tabulating Recording Co. before it changed its name to IBM in 1924, Adams Express when it was a telegraph company back in 1866, or Wal-Mart when it first listed over the counter, GFD has compiled the historical data for these companies and thousands of others.

GFD provides daily data on NYSE stocks back to 1957 and monthly data back to 1786. Daily data on AMEX stocks begins in 1962 and daily data on OTC/NASDAQ stocks begins in 1968.

Anyone wanting to analyze the historical performance of stocks must have access to a complete database of stocks. This includes delisted stocks which no longer trade. About 5% of stocks are removed from the S&P 500 each year. Half the companies in the S&P 500 today were not in the index 10 years ago. Only 50 of the original S&P 500 components of 1957 are still in the index today. How have those original members performed relative to the S&P 500?

GFD also provides information on historical components for the major stock indices so you can focus your analysis on the primary companies that existed in the past. How did the individual Dow Jones Industrial stocks perform during the 1987 crash? These are the type of questions that GFD can answer.