Equities to 1601

GFD's rich data on industrial stocks has been used to generate a vast collection of stock market indices extending back to 1692, including the only truSMALLcap index ever developed. GFD also provides a customizable Large cap index generator.

Foreign companies began to list in London in the 1820s when the South Sea mining bubbled occurred. GFD has used data from the London Stock Exchange to chart the performance of companies in South America and Asia extending back to the 1820s. As each national stock market has grown, GFD has added this historical data to our database.

Global stock market are updated daily.

While Europe's Age of Exploration birthed the age of equities, GFD has pioneered the first stock market index that covers over 300 years of market history.

The English East India company was established in 1600 while the Dutch East India company was established in 1602.

During the 1700s, while London was the financial center of the world, the Bank of England, South Sea Company, and the East India Company became prominent members of the financial community. By using data on these three companies, GFD has produced the first stock market index.

Data on French stocks begins with the Compagnie des Indes whereas information on Irish stocks begins in 1784 with the Bank of Ireland.

GFD’s proprietary research on individual securities for the United States has allowed us to create an index for the US stocks beginning in 1791, by using data from regional exchanges such as Philadelphia and Boston.