GFDFinaeon AutoTRAC

GFDFinaeon's AutoTRAC makes it easier for users to group series together for quick downloading. You can put lists of files into an Excel workbook and access data for all the files at once. You can take all the tickers of the members of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, plug them into your AutoTRAC file, and quickly download them. You can also save your workbook for access in the future. If there is a number of files that you regularly access, the AutoTRAC tool enables you to avoid having to recreate lists of files you want to download.

AutoTRAC allows you to either conduct a search for the files that you want to include in the workbook, or you can import lists of files from other applications on the website. The list can be edited to change the composition of the download, or you can create a new workbook to separate different research interests. You can specify start dates, end dates, whether files should be split or inflation adjusted, what currency the data should be in, and so forth.

Once you have created your workbook using AutoTRAC, you simply click the download button and the workbook with all the data you have requested will quickly be delivered to you. You can either open the file and view the data, or save it for later review.

GFDFinaeon's AutoTRAC makes accessing data files quick, easy and simple.