Historical Events to 1 AD

Have you ever studied a chart from the past, seen a sudden change in the market, and wondered why that change occurred? Why did the stock market decline in the 1690s? Why did interest rates rise in the 1860s? What caused commodity prices increase in the 1500s?

The Events-in-Time Tool solves this problem. It enables you to search by topic, by year, by country and other criteria to find out what events took place in the past that may have influence the behavior of the market.

The Events Portion of the Tool enables you to search over 30,000 events from 1 AD when Gaius Caesar made peace with the Parthians to the current year. Each event is classified by country, topic (War, assassination, election) and date. Users can search these events by topic or by word (Dow Jones) and get a list of all the events that meet those criteria. For the first time, you are able to search the past and understand the changes that drove the global economy over the past two millenia. Download the data for any year or any country and you have history at your fingertips.

The Events-in-Time Search Engine also includes information on bull and bear markets for 100 countries, recessions, political leaders, interest rates and hundreds of other topics. This unique tool enables you to have a clear understand of the past as if you had lived through it yourself.