The New York Stock Exchange

The New York Stock Exchange has been the primary stock exchange in the United States since the New York Stock & Exchange Board drafted its constitution on March 8, 1817 and only 19 companies traded on the new exchange.

When the Buttonwood Agreement was signed on May 17, 1792, the 24 brokers who signed the agreement traded in the United States 3% and 6% Bonds, shares in the Bank of the United States and the Bank of New York. Only GFD has data on these stocks and bonds and the 15,000 companies that followed after them.

Originally, only local banks and insurance companies listed on the NYSE, but the railroads soon dominated the exchange. By the civil war, over 100 companies traded on the NYSE.

All the components of the Dow Jones Averages in the 1800s and 1900s were listed on the NYSE, and only GFD has data from every company that has ever been in the Dow Jones Averages. GFD has data on 24 companies from the 1800s that currently are listed on the NYSE. The oldest currently-listed company is JPMorgan Chase & Co. for which GFD has data back to 1824.

Price Data are daily for the1800s and from 1957 to date. Each series includes corporate actions. Fundamental data begins in 1925.

A history of the companies that listed on the NYSE is a history of the United States economy. Any analysis of the United States financial past is incomplete without GFD’s unique historical record of the NYSE.