Portfolio Balancing Tool

The portfolio balancing tool enables users to create their own indices and compare their performance to a benchmark index. This enables users to test how well their methodologies would have worked in the past to determine whether they should use them in the future.

Before using the portfolio balancing tool, subscribers can use the stock screener to generate a list of stocks that would have performed well in the past. Global Financial Data’s extensive stock histories allow subscribers to test stocks over more market cycles than is available anywhere else.

Once the stocks have been chosen, users can back test their group of stocks and create an index of their performance. They can then compare the performance of those stocks against a market benchmark to see if they would have beat the market in the past. Users can go through multiple iterations to refine their choices and find the portfolio that would have performed best.

Global Financial Data’s history of 75,000 historical stocks provides users with an incomparable resource to test how their portfolios would have performed in the past to enhance their performance in the future.