Portfolio Management

Portfolio managers subscribe to the database to improve their returns by refining the algorithms they use to trade the market.

Global Financial Data offers more extensive financial and economic history than any other company in the world. Whereas other companies offer several decades of historical data, Global Financial Data offers several centuries of data. This enables you to test your models over more market cycles than would be possible from other data suppliers. It also allows you to analyze market situations that haven’t happened in 50 years, 100 years or more.

Not only does Global Financial Data offer long-term data series, but it provides high levels of granularity for these series. Daily exchange rates and commodity prices are available on a daily basis back to the 1800s. Daily data for the shares of individual companies are available from 200 years ago. Thousands of other series are available on a monthly basis going back several centuries.

With computers using AI to analyze historical market trends, can you afford to trade against companies that are using data sets from Global Financial Data with longer histories and higher granularity than what you are using?