Stock Market Indices

Global Financial Data offers the most comprehensive database of historical US Stock Market Indices available anywhere. Charles Dow introduced the first stock market index in 1885. Later, the New York Times, Standard and Poor’s and others introduced indices that helped investors to understand the stock market. Today hundreds of indices track the behavior of US equity markets.

For complete coverage of US stock market indices, Global Financial Data offers an incomparable collection of data. GFD offers complete histories back to their inception for all current indices as well as historical indices that have been discontinued.

The Dow Jones Averages include daily data back to 1885 covering industrials, transports and utilities. In addition to the daily indices, we also provide the Dow Jones Industrials intraday back to 1933 so you can study important events such as the 1987 market crash in detail.

Standard and Poor’s offers the most comprehensive set of indices for the US stock market. We have combined the Cowles Commission indices, old Standard Statisics indices and current GICS indices to provide index histories that stretch back to the 1800s. GFD provides over 200 S&P indices with their full histories.

GFD also calculates its own proprietary indices that have more history than the indices calculated by Dow Jones, S&P or any other company. The GFD Indices include both composite and sector indices and begin in 1784.

GFD provides stock component histories for the major indices so you can explore the companies that made up these indices in the past. Our database includes every stock in the Dow Jones Industrials back to the 1800s as well as the components of other major indices. Want to see how the stocks in the Dow Jones Industrials did in the 1929 crash, and the 1987 crash? How did radio stocks in the 1920s compare with internet stocks in the 1990s? Only the US Stock Database allows you to answer these questions.