Technical Analysis

GFD provides technical indicators as part of our graphing tools to help your analysis.

Graphs can be illustrated as a simple line, using candlesticks or provided as a mountain graph. They can be adjusted for inflation, shown as a percentage of GDP or illustrated at their annual rate of change.

Our Graphs enable you to compare two indices directly or indirectly. You can graph the S&P 500 against the NASDAQ Composite, or the 10-year bonds of the United States, United Kingdom and Germany against each other over a period of 200 years. .

You can also add moving averages, Bollinger bands and other technical tools to analyze market trends. GFD’s graphs also allow you to overlay chronological periods onto the graph, such as recessions, bear markets or national rulers. You can place historical recessions on top of the S&P 500 or bear markets on GDP. GFD’s technical indicators are designed to enhance your understanding of the thousands of data files we provide.