UK Stocks to 1601

The United Kingdom was the center of the financial world in the 1700s and 1800s. Anyone wanting to understand the behavior of financial markets during those two centuries cannot ignore London.

Global Financial Data’s history of UK stocks begins with the East India Company whose shares began trading in 1601. The East India Company went through several reorganizations before its final structure in 1657. Records on different shares traded in London begins in 1692 and continues to the present day.

The coverage is limited in the 1700s to the three main members of the English Funds: East India Company, Bank of England, and South Sea Stock, but coverage begins growing in 1806 and increases to over one hundred companies in the 1820s.

In the 1830s, not only London-based companies, but coverage of provincial companies begins providing full coverage of all sectors within the English economy. GFD’s extensive coverage of UK stocks not only allows users to chart the growth of the British economy, but to understand the development of global stock markets.