Bryan Taylor Podcast Available from Meb Faber

Bryan Taylor’s podcast with Meb Faber is now available on line for everyone to listen to at

#110 - Bryan Taylor - “At Some Point, the Stresses Are Going to Be So Great that Some of the Countries (In the European Union) Are Eventually Forced to Leave"

Meb Faber of Cambria Investments provides a podcast each week in which he talks with some of the most informed writers and investors of the financial world to get their insights into current events in the stock market and how to increase investment returns. Past guests include Ken Fisher, Elroy Dimson, Ed Yardeni, William Bernstein, Phil DeMuth, Steve Sjuggerud and dozens of others.

In the podcast, Bryan Taylor and Meb Faber discuss the current gyrations in the stock market, the book Bryan Taylor has recently published, Debts, Defaults, Depression and other Delightful Ditties from the Dismal Science, and his forthcoming book, Stock Market Scams, Swindles and Successes. Dr. Taylor discusses the first billion-dollar company, Standard Oil, in light of Apple’s attempt to become the first trillion-dollar company and numerous other interesting stories from the book. Bryan Taylor also discusses some of the blogs which have been added recently to the GFDBlog website.

Download the podcast and listen to it on the way to work. Bryan Taylor’s book, Debts, Defaults, Depression and other Delightful Ditties from the Dismal Science will be available for a free Kindle download from Amazon on June 30 and August 1. Enjoy.