DJIA Closing Prices, October 29, 1929
GFD has now released GFDatabase 2.0 consisting of four new Databases. Read More


GFD makes available articles and white papers that have been written based on data derived from the Databases we offer. These papers specifically demonstrate how data can be used to analyze cross sections of global markets during different periods of time. While many of these papers are produced in-house, some have been published in national periodicals or newspapers. These are free to use for your own information.

White Papers and Articles

Dr. Bryan Taylor, Chief Economist at Global Financial Data, has written a number of articles that demonstrate the value of long-term data. These articles analyze the performance of global markets over the past three centuries, compare the performance of stocks in different sectors of the market as well as different countries, and analyze stock market cycles and long-term returns to investors.

NOW RELEASED -- GFDatabase 2.0

GFD has now released a new improved GFDatabase 2.0 which includes thousands of new data series. This version includes four new components:

What’s New at GFD

  • New Articles : Bryan has a new article on Greece
  • New Products : GFD is happy to release a new platform.
  • New Features: GFD will be offering an upgrade in its Excel downloading tool. There are many more features upgraded during this new product release. Call today for a Web Ex demo of other product features and how they will work for you.
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