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For over 25 years, Global Financial Data has delivered high-quality, long-term data to investment professionals around the world. GFD is the financial world’s historical data specialist, empowering its customers to evaluate opportunities and execute trading decisions using the most robust collection of market data. GFD brings transparency to global markets with reliable data and deep histories.  Perfect your investment work flow using GFD’s cross section of global market information spanning centuries not just decades.

Not only do our Databases include over 250,000 data series from 200 countries, but GFD provides users the ability to generate models based upon every market cycle and to navigate markets with more confidence. GFD provides the most accurate, long-term historical data which investment professionals require for all types of business activities, analysis and client relations.


Portfolio Managers

Discriminating clients and investors demand well-documented recommendations made by professional research teams. Portfolio managers and pension fund analysts rely on the accurate, long-term data GFD provides to achieve this goal. By choosing GFD, you will be able to create superlative forecasting models, back test your portfolios and generate stunning visual displays. Portfolio managers subscribe to GFD’s data to improve their returns by refining the algorithms they use to trade the market.


Hedge Funds

GFD provides access to alternative historical data that is unavailable anywhere else. Global Financial Data has collected data never before compiled into a single electronic format extending data coverage back to the 1200s. This information is ideal for all types of AI and sophisticated trading models.  GFD also creates and generates its own proprietary data series while we continue to investigate new sources and extend existing series whenever possible. No other company can provide the rich, diverse history that GFD offers its users. With financial markets experiencing unprecedented changes, can you afford to ignore the past?


Investment Banks

Discriminating advisors, brokers and commercial bankers rely on well-documented recommendations that can only be generated using accurate long-term data. Your research team and colleagues depend on the reports you produce for their everyday decisions – so the accuracy and completeness of the underlying data is imperative for your firm’s success. By choosing GFD as your long-term data provider you will be able to create superlative forecasting models and generate stunning visual displays, using decades and even centuries of market history which will substantiate your investment strategies beyond what any other resource can deliver.


Quantitative Analysts

Global Financial Data offers more extensive financial and economic history than any other company in the world. Whereas other companies offer several decades of historical data, Global Financial Data offers several centuries of data. Using complete and accurate data series while identifying and analyzing market trends provides an advantage over other firms that rely on twenty or thirty years of data from traditional electronic data feeds.


Buy-Side Traders

Trading markets have been completely transformed over the past few years. As AI enables managers to learn how to respond to changes in the market more effectively, the key to creating successful algorithms is to build models that are more effective than other market participants. With computers using AI to analyze historical market trends, can you compete using limited data? GFD Clients have an advantage by using data with deeper history and higher granularity.



One of the most effective tools that companies use to add new clients is to publish research that engages clients. Your investment decisions improve from the additional data you are using to substantiate your analysis, while your clients appreciate the stunning charts and graphs that you prepare using data derived from our databases. Whether you are distributing your conclusions for internal use or for customer education, all of your analysts and researchers, as well as your client-to-client advisors and salespersons benefit from the results produced from long-term data.

Other data vendors supply data going back only thirty years because that is what is automated by their electronic feeds. Only GFD has researched and collected the historical data from the original source documents including books, periodicals, and newspapers gathered from archives and libraries throughout the world. GFD supports full data transparency to enable our users to verify financial data points, tracing them back to the original source documents.

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